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Female infertility : Symptoms and Causes

April 17, 2017

Ovulation occurs when a mature egg is released from the ovary, pushed into the fallopian tubes and is available to be fertilized. But in some cases, eggs are unable to release from ovary and thus can’t reach the fallopian tubes. 

Female infertility treatment in Punjab depends on cause, age and how long you have been infertile and many other factors. Various causes are there which increases the chances of infertility in Women.

Damage to fallopian tubes: - Fallopian tubes carries the eggs from ovary, puts it in uterus, where the baby develops. But damage to the fallopian tubes does not allow eggs to reach to uterus.

Hormonal changes: - The other reason which is considered as an obstacle in Woman’s pregnancy is the hormonal changes.

Cervical issue: - Some of the women have cervical issues which prevent the sperm to reach into the eggs.

Premature menopause: - Some women become menopause before normal age. Premature menopause is considered as the one of the cause of infertility in woman.

Problems with uterus: - The fertilized eggs lodges in the lining of uterus. But the problem with the uterus does not allow eggs to reside in it. Some uterus problems include: -



Unexplained infertility: - Most of the couples who are unable to conceive, experience the infertility, which are unpointed.  

Infertility symptoms in women

In women, menstrual cycle and ovulation may be the symptoms if a woman is facing any infertility issue. Symptoms include: -

Abnormal periods: Less or heavy bleeding.

Irregular periods: - If periods are nor regular.

No periods: - If periods stop suddenly or have never periods.

Painful periods: -back pain, pelvic pain may happen.

Other symptoms include: -

Skin problems.

Weight gain.

Loss of hair or thinning hair.

Changes in sex desire.




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