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March 21, 2017

Infertility is now a public threat that needs to be dealt with starting with you as an individual. The trend today is changing where a woman could get married at an early age. These days they take their time in education and pursuing careers that take over their minds only to race with their biological clock when it’s late. The changing lifestyles are also playing a big part in causing infertility. Men and women enjoy office jobs which limit their time for exercising hence increasing their weights.

The increase in pollution and smoking is not sparing men and women. It should be noted that smoking and alcoholism distracts sperm production which causes azoospermia in men.

Hormones should also be watched since they can cause infertility in women. Avoid stress and depression at all costs and exercise regularly to avoid infertility.

It is advisable that you go for a fertility check-up before the actual time for conceiving comes. Azoospermia treatment and ICSI treatment in Punjab can be acquired at the best IVF centre in India so take action before the actual situation.

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